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Zentyal Server – Affordable All in One Server Many businesses, especially small and medium size ones, can get a server based on Ubuntu which can incorporate many features in one server. Granted, you can add these items one by one to your Ubuntu Server, but Zentyal has them all in a package which makes installation and updating very simple Users, Computers and File Sharing — Zentyal 5.1 Documentation The Domain concept in Zentyal is strongly related to the Microsoft Active Directory® implementation, in other words, there are servers replicating directory information and clients joined to the domain, applying the policies assigned to their Organizational Unit (OU).. File sharing provides files available to users in the network, allowing access to work with them, download or modify them. Zentyal and Windows XP - PLEASE HELP (Novice) | Howtoforge

May 24, 2019

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Zentyal is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and runs on top of Ubuntu. José Antonio Calvo has announced the release of Zentyal 3.4, an updated version of the project's Ubuntu-based distribution for small and medium businesses Related Links: Zentyal Forum, Zentyal Reviews, Zentyal Screencasts, Official website Compare / Contrast Zentyal to ClearOS Zentyal is good, but I like ClearOS better (only recently switched). Zentyal is easier to install and setup/alter in some ways, but ClearOS wins out in some features once you get the hang of it. also Zentyal leads in some things like ext4 filesystem, and ClearOs leads in … zentyal-5.0-amd64 free download - SourceForge